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The Ultimate Fall Reading List – Find Your Perfect Read


Looking for a good book to read this fall?  Look no further.

Fall is the best time of year to curl up with a steamy mug of cider and a good book.   When the air gets frosty and pumpkins pop up everywhere, I reach for something special.  Tis’ the season for spooks and magic, monsters and witches, mysteries and cozy nights by the fireside.

I’ve compiled the ultimate fall reading list, full of atmospheric reads that bring the season to life.  Choose from 25+ books to snuggle up with.  From romance in the falling leaves, to ghost stories that leave you shivering under the covers, there’s something for everyone!

Cold days call for piles and piles of books.  It’s time to stock up on stories like a squirrel stashing nuts for the winter.  So pull on your sweaters, walk to the nearest library and grab on some of these perfect, autumnal reads.


  1.  The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – One of the most magical, beautiful books I’ve ever read.  Competing magicians, midnight dinners and tents full of wonders.  This books has the perfect autumn ambiance.
  2. Coraline by Neil Gaiman  – Anything by Neil Gaiman is perfect for fall.  His dark and magical writing brings strange worlds to life.  And you won’t want to escape.  Coraline is quirky and creepy but also fun.  With clever animals and monsters with button eyes, it’s a great read for a child or a kid at heart.
  3. The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich – This young adult horror, about a girl with two souls, is actually quit frightening for YA.  It definitely had me spooked in the wee hours of the night.  Kurtagich is new on the YA horror scene but has already proven herself a master storyteller.  Make sure you check out her new book, And The Trees Crept In.
  4. The Accident Season by Moira Fowley-Doyle – The accident season comes every October for Cara and her family.  Death and tragedy strike each year and they must find a way to survive.  Deeply atmospheric and beautifully written.  Read this in October.
  5. The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury  – An unexpected adventure that takes the reader through the history of Halloween.  Bradbury’s poetic writing about Halloween night will make you feel like a kid again.
  6. House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski – House of Leaves has become a cult classic.  Ask a bookstore employee about its origin and you will get a few strange stories. Known for it’s bizarre, non-linear storytelling and disturbing imagery, this one is guaranteed to mess with your mind in ways you didn’t know were possible.  Seriously though, WTF?
  7. Night Film by Marisha Pessl – Famed filmmaker, Cordova (think: Stanley Kubrick) loses his daughter in a tragic accident.  Was she murdered?  And if so, why?  And by whom?  Filled with clues and puzzles, this dark, twisty tale is entertaining and un-put-down-able.
  8. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte  One of the first scenes in this book shows Jane reading in the library on a rainy day…and that was when I fell in love.  This classic love story is the perfect read on a fall night with a cup of tea.
  9. The Daughter of Smoke & Bone Trilogy by Laini Taylor  – Monsters.  Angels.  Prague.  Love.  Lani Taylor creates a world filled with strange and beautiful creatures.  Her writing is like candy for the soul.
  10. The Mara Dyer Trilogy by Michelle Hodkin – Mara is losing it.  She doesn’t know what’s happening to her and neither does the reader.  Is she crazy?  Haunted?  Possessed?  The not-knowing makes it all the creepier.  I couldn’t put this series down, or stop thinking about it, until the end.  
  11. The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger – This is the perfect “curl up by the fire” book.  A love story that begins on a fall day and pulls the reader into a beautiful, timeless romance.  This novel has easily become one of my favorite books.
  12. Through the Woods by Emily Carroll – If you’re looking for a creepy graphic novel, look no further.  Packed full of frightening, short tales, this one is perfect for sitting around the campfire.
  13. The Great Cases of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle  Autumn is the best season for mysteries.  If I smoked a pipe, I would sit next to the hearth smoking my pipe and reading Sherlock Holmes.  The best part of these books is trying to solve the mystery, using the clues scattered throughout the story.  If you really pay attention, you can solve the case before Holmes does.
  14. Help for the Haunted by John Seamless  A murder mystery, ghost story and family saga all in one.  Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes frightening, this story left me feeling haunted myself.  
  15. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley  This classic horror story, written by a very young woman, continues to be a tale we associate with horror and Halloween today.  Frankenstein has inspired many generations of stories and that makes it a must read.
  16. The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe  Everyone needs to read Poe.  His classic horror is subtle yet terrifying.  Stories like The Tell-Tale Heart and The Fall of the House of Usher are among his most famous works.  The Raven is one of my favorites, and a great place to start.  Read it on a midnight, dreary. 
  17. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman  A clever book about a boy raised by a graveyard full of ghosts.  This creepy yet adorable read was inspired by The Jungle Book.  A tale about life and death, written in Gaiman’s beautiful dialect. 
  18. Blood and Salt by Kim Liggett – Cornfields, crows and magic.  But this isn’t your typical running-through-the-corn, Halloween, slasher book.  In fact, this book wasn’t anything that I was expecting, but the author’s vivid imagination and references to early American history, make it worth mentioning. 
  19. The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice – If you haven’t read anything by Anne Rice, I suggest you add her to the top of your reading list.  Rice weaves a glittering web of imagery, setting and suspense.  Start with Interview With a Vampire and you won’t want to leave her dark world.
  20. The Books of Elsewhere: The Strangers by Jacqueline West – This is Book #4 in the popular children’s series.  The novel is set during Halloween and is a great, spooky pick for younger readers.
  21. In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware – For all you mystery lovers out there, this is a thrilling page-turner that you won’t want to put down.  Dark woods and murder: the perfect combination for a stormy night.
  22. The Demonologist by Andrew Pyper – Demons and exorcisms are the fodder for nightmares, so don’t plan on reading this if you want to sleep tonight.  For fans of The Exorcist or The Exorcism of Emily Rose, this book will give you a spine-chilling thrill and a reason to keep the lights on.
  23. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon – Tartan plaid, time traveling, witch trials and the Scottish Highlands are just a few things that make the Outlander series a great read for the season.  Don’t forget the epic love story and hunky mean in kilts.  These books will warm you up on those cold and lonely nights.
  24. Dracula by Bram Stoker  Although this classic was thought to be quite trashy in its day, it has stood the test of time and continues to terrify modern readers.  The original vampire tale.
  25. The Girl From the Well by Rin Chupeco – If you’re a fan of movies like The Ring or The Grudge, this is the book for you.  Based on a popular Japenese ghost story, this book is rich with culture and horror.  And how can you not love that beautiful cover?



Want even more? Check these out:

There are so many great books to read this time of year and so many new ones coming out.  I couldn’t possibly list them all!

What are some of your favorite fall reads?  Which ones are you are eagerly anticipating?

Leave your picks in the comments below!

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  • What a scrumptious site! It makes me want to don my fury slippers, embellish my hot cocoa with marshmallows and snuggle next to the fire with a good book.
    ~ Through the Woods may be the perfect beginning~

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