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Meet Rachel

Hi!  I’m Rachel, creator of Into A Story.  You might know me from my Youtube channel, Rachel Writes where I talk about books and book related things.  I have a passion for storytelling and art.  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been drawing, writing and filming.

Growing up, I wrote scripts and forced my brother and friends to act in my movies (I say force because they weren’t always too enthusiastic about it :-P) There were always a million stories in my head that I had to get out!

I’m the same way to today.  You’ll always find me working on a project or creating something new, whether it’s photography or novel writing, filmmaking or illustrations.

I love travel, fashion, design and all things beautiful.  I’m a huge reader and film buff.  Into A Story is a place where I can have all my loves in one place.

I want this to be a place you’ll love too.  Bring that unique something that makes you who you are, and add it to mix.  I know you have stories of your own.  Why not share them? I hope you’ll join our magical little community.

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