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Bookshop Tours: Bozeman

In the Western part of the United States is a college town called Bozeman, Montana.  Although it’s small, it packs a lot of diverse culture between its city walls.

It has Barnes and Noble, which is always somewhere I love to stop for books and coffee, but it also has some amazing local bookstores that are worth a look.

I visited The Country Bookshelf first.  I was so excited to find this old shop.  It had the feel of an old, worn country house with an impressive selection of books, journals and fun goodies.

Country Bookshelf










My second stop was to Vargo’s Jazzcity & Books, which was a completely different experience from the first store.  This unique shop sells a wide selection of  new and used books, vinyl and greeting cards.  It specialized in music but had a large selection of fiction and non-fiction.  Because of their strict anti-photography rule I wasn’t able to snap many pics.

Vargo’s Jazzcity & Books



These are just two bookstores in Bozeman, other than Barnes and Noble.  I didn’t get a chance to visit them all.

I love bookstores of any kind, even if they are chains like Barnes and Noble or Amazon.  Books make me feel at home.  But sometimes I get stuck visiting only the chains and forget about all the wonderful places that exist.  All you have to do is look a bit harder.

I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and explore.  Find the little bookshops hidden in the nooks and crannies of cities, go to that old movie theater that only plays black and white movies, do a little research and discover something with local flavor and authenticity.  You never know when you might meet your next love.

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